• Automatic door systems

    Most people come in contact with some form of self-powered doorways on a daily basis. Untrained usage of most door systems occurs without much conscious thought on the part of the user. The assumption upon encountering an opening with a door blocking your path is that it will either open by itself or you will
  • Elessa automatic doors

    Elessa automatic doors automatic doors For people in wheelchairs and other disabled individuals, automatic doors are an immense boon, since conventional doors can be very hard to work with. It may be impossible to open a conventional doors while seated in a wheelchair or navigating with crutches, for example, and for people with disabilities in
  • Automatic doors

    Automatic doors are doors which open automatically when approached by someone, rather than needing to be opened manually with a door handle or bar. In addition to opening automatically, some automatic doors can also be activated by hitting a button which causes the doors to open. These doors are commonly used in commercial and industrial