Elessa automatic doors

Elessa automatic doors

automatic doors For people in wheelchairs and other disabled individuals, automatic doors are an immense boon, since conventional doors can be very hard to work with. It may be impossible to open a conventional doors while seated in a wheelchair or navigating with crutches, for example, and for people with disabilities in their hands and arms, conventional doors can present a real obstacle. Automatic doors ensure disabled access into public facilities.

In hospitals and scientific labs, automatic doors can be used to secure an area by ensuring that the doors are shut at all times, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination since people do not need to handle the doors to pass through them. Operating rooms, emergency rooms, and other medical facilities commonly have automatic doors for this reason. Automatic doors can also be useful in warehouses and other facilities where people frequently have their hands full, contributing to safety and efficiency by making it easier for people to get around.

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