Dunker Motor

Automatic Door Glass Engine

The motors are solidly designed and are maintenance-free for life. The multi-grooved stator contains a threefold winding which, together with the phase-shifting capacitor , creates a symmetrical rotating field at the rated working point of the motor. The rotor is of the squirrel-cage type. Two design diameters and a variety of design lengths provide rated torques from 0.75 to 31.5 Ncm in double-pole or four-pole versions

This product produced by Dunker Motoren Company ordered by ELESSA.Co .



Automatic Door Engine

Made In Germany
Power: 100w/400 kg
Arrogating: Unlimited
24 Voltage
Guaranty: Five years
SG 80k
M 350 N/M
RE 20-2-100
1fm 27A
3350 rpm
U 30 V
Type GR 63×55

Product Serial Number : 300045214-0375


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