When automatic doors are dangerous, you can’t do anything about them

There are many ways automatic doors can be dangerous.They can be difficult to lock down or easily broken into, and if they’re open they can cause serious damage.These are all the reasons why many people can’t safely open them.They also can be very difficult to remove from their home.So to help people protect themselves from auto doors, you need to […]

How to Get an Automatic Elevator in your Car

You know you want one of these automatic elevator keys.You can’t walk around without one.But when you’re ready to drive a car, you’re going to want to have one.So here are the basics: what is an automatic elevator?What does an automatic key mean?What are the different kinds of automatic elevators?How do I use an automatic door?How do I press an […]

A sign says “Welcome to the UK” in front of a motorway entrance at the start of a new UK-China road construction project

The Chinese government is investing billions of dollars in new roads and bridges in China’s far north as part of a drive to modernise the country’s roads and improve the flow of traffic between China and other Asian countries.The £20bn investment in China is part of an overall $100bn China-led plan to modernize the countrys roads, railways and ports.The latest […]