New Zealand’s new lock-down system will soon be implemented, says minister

The country will soon have its first “lockdown” system, a move to keep the public safe from crime, a new report says.Key points:NZ Police Chief Bill Stewart says the system will be rolled out by the end of the yearNew Zealand Police Chief says it will include electronic locks, and people can only access the property if they are wearing […]

Which automatic doors are in the best shape?

Automatic door signs, the automatic doors that can be set to open or close automatically, are the most common type of automatic door.They are very common in the UK, with more than 100 million installed across the country.They can be installed by the operator of the vehicle, or you can use the automatic door’s internal timer to turn it on […]

Which automatic door systems do you use?

Automated doors are increasingly common in homes, but what’s the difference between them and the ones that need to be manually opened and closed?Here are some common types of doors.1.Automatic door systems.Automatic doors are usually installed by an electrical contractor and are installed in the living area of a home.The doors open automatically and lock automatically, as you’d expect.They typically […]

The Myth of Automatic Door Doors

The Myth Of Automatic Door Gates And Their Benefits And Disadvantages Is a recurring theme in this column.In a recent piece, for example, I described how automatic door gates are essential to maintaining the security of the building.That article was followed by a follow-up article that outlined the various reasons why these doors are so important to the safety of […]