How a robot car could be a boon for commuters

The idea of automating a car is gaining steam.Now there’s a robot designed to do the job.Dublin-based Automated Car Control Systems (ACS) has been working with its customer, the city of Dubbo, to build a fully automated taxi service in the city’s north.The company’s goal is to provide a service that can make the journey from one point to another […]

Why did the Steelers do the ‘Peyton Manning move’ on Manning?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Manning move” is probably the single most memorable and widely-discussed move in the history of the NFL.It is, by far, the most talked-about play in the franchise’s history.For a long time, it was thought to be the first move by a team to acquire a player without any team-level or salary-cap ramifications.And, for some, the decision is […]