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Time title Door Blind Lights article Time subject Automated door light switches are now available on all new Toyota Corolla vehicles, as the automaker announced on Monday.The first-generation models with automatic door blinders were available in Japan in the U.S. and Canada earlier this year, but those models were discontinued in the States.Toyota’s announcement Monday marks the first time the […]

How to avoid the auto door blind with an auto blind system

By David KohnPublished Mar 19, 2018 05:10PMUpdated Mar 19 (9:10pm): The new 2017 Cadillac CTS-V crossover features a new automatic door locking system that automatically shuts the doors for safety.According to a Cadillac spokesperson, the door locks are designed to protect against theft, burglary and other unsavory activities.They can also be used for emergency use and are available with standard […]