When the NFL wants to be ‘normal’ and not a “glamorous, carnival barker’, it wants a little love

The NFL is about to become a lot more normal, with more people playing, more of the stadiums opening, more people coming in and out.And for the first time in years, a major league team has not been shut down for a preseason game.The first preseason game in Cleveland was held on Sept. 9 and drew more than 4 million […]

How to turn off your automatic door, according to an expert

Posted April 06, 2018 05:31:17 If you have a locked automatic door or automatic fence door then you can try to change it.The idea is to change the way the lock is operated, or if the door or fence is unlocked.This will change the behaviour of your lock so that it locks automatically and doesn’t need to be pushed or […]

Why do we need automatic doors?

Automatic doors are a key feature of the new, much more secure, home, with the new models offering up to 10-fold more security than the old ones.And they’re getting better and better, with new versions being offered in different sizes and shapes.Here’s a look at the main points to keep in mind as you consider how well the new doors […]