How to stop your car from turning into a suicide bomber

LONDON, United Kingdom – The sound of a car roaring out of a driveway and slamming into a wall is one of the most common noises heard by motorists on a daily basis.Cars are also more likely to explode on their own, but experts say they are more likely if they have been hijacked.The London Ambulance Service is now offering […]

‘The most important moment of my life’: Hurricane Irma survivors are finally leaving Miami and heading to Florida

Hurricane Irma left thousands of Florida residents without power on Sunday and left many of them without access to a bank, gas station or other essential services.The National Hurricane Center said more than 10,000 homes and businesses had lost power as of Monday afternoon, with the majority of those in the Miami area.The hurricane has left hundreds of thousands without […]

How to fix the automatic doors in your house

Automatic doors can be a real pain.They’re a major inconvenience and one that many of us would rather not have.Here’s how to fix them.What are automatic doors?Automatic doors are an integral part of modern homes.They open automatically when a doorbell rings, or when someone enters or leaves the home.They come in handy for things like getting out of your car, […]