What’s the latest on the auto-door scandal in Scotland?

On Friday, a report emerged that Scotland’s auto-dooring business is to be investigated by a parliamentary committee following a string of complaints about its quality control.The committee is due to examine the safety of automatic door controls that were installed on more than 1,300 vehicles in the capital city of Edinburgh.┬áThe Scottish Parliament’s transport and roads committee has ordered an […]

The best automatic doors for new car buyers

Automatic door automatic doors (ADs) have been gaining popularity with new car shoppers in recent years.Automatic door doors are designed to automatically open, close, or close automatically and have a lockable mechanism to prevent the door from opening or closing.ADs are the newest trend for car buyers, and the industry is seeing huge growth in their use.AD’s are being installed […]

How to unlock your iPhone 7 with a fake password

The next big feature Apple is launching is a new feature that allows you to unlock an iPhone with a “fake password” that’s just as easy to guess as your real one.The new feature, called “Fake Password,” is a clever idea.It’s basically a fake-password trick that unlocks the iPhone on demand if you enter a unique password and you’re not […]