What is Starbound?

The next generation of Starbound is here.And it has a lot to offer you.It has a full new look, a new interface, new animations, new features, and a brand new way to play.Here are the new features in Starbound, and what you can expect from Starbound’s full release:More than 40 new items are available in the game, including a wide […]

The College Republicans: A Memoir of an American Family

The College Republican movement, known in the United States as the college party, has a rich and varied history.But the modern incarnation has been under attack by those who have deemed it a “hate group” or a “fascist cult.”The movement was born in response to a wave of anti-Semitism during the Great Depression.The College Party’s founding member, George G. Paley, […]

The world’s first automated door regulations for dorms

London’s Dorma will be the first to be made by an automaker for dormitories.The new automated door design, which comes with a “zero-tolerance policy” for theft, will be unveiled next month at the London Design Forum, the city’s premier design and architecture forum.The Dormas new design will have a built-in door lock, a self-locking mechanism to prevent burglars from breaking […]