How a car’s electronic controls work

Automatic doors are a big deal in cars.Automated door systems let you control the door when you’re out of your car, or when you enter or leave the car.It’s the key to turning off the engine and locking the door at the same time.Automation can also be used to lock your car when it’s locked or to control other cars, […]

Which door should I buy to improve my electric auto door safety?

Electric automatic door standards are not designed to address the vast majority of car door crashes.Instead, they are designed to provide more options for consumers.In 2017, the Australian government updated the car door standards to make them more flexible, allowing manufacturers to develop a range of door designs that are safer and more compliant with industry standards.This year, manufacturers have […]

Electric Automatic Door Manufacturers Will Pay Up to $100,000 to Stop Customers From Using Them

When a customer wants to leave a room and then return, a door chimes.The doors, which are typically mounted to the ceiling, don’t have the power to open, but a switch can be triggered by the door’s proximity to the door opening.“The owner will get a text message saying, ‘Do you want to come out?’ and he or she will […]